One-on-one coaching is a more guided approach. It is a great option for individuals who need a little bit more support in taking action to meet their wellness goals. I offer both a 3 and 6-month program.

Both programs include the following benefits.

  • in-person or remote 1-hour sessions
  • email support for questions or concerns
  • group coaching events at no additional cost
  • a private online community to connect with other clients
  • a tested recipe of the week
  • written resources on a variety of wellness topics
  • 2 free products to support the client in their new lifestyle (i.e. a juicer, yoga mat, cookbook, essential oils)

While these programs are similar, they have key differences, which are described below.

The 3-month program meets weekly. It is a good fit for individuals that thrive on consistency and who are looking to prepare for an upcoming milestone in their life such as running a marathon, getting fit for a wedding/vacation, or trying to conceive. Those who are highly motivated and have already established some self-care practices to support their well-being would be the ideal client for this type of program.

The 6-month program meets every other week. It is a good fit for individuals that need time to digest and apply what they are learning to their daily life. Those who take a more careful and methodical approach to change and who have not yet established self-care practices would be the ideal client for this type of program.